Why Jermaine?

One man’s journey to make a difference through his life experiences. This book has meaningful tools to mentally impact readers in a way that helps with everyday life skills and reaching success.


"Everyone wants to go through the door at the same time. Separate yourself from the pack, BE THE HARDEST WORKER IN THE ROOM!"


"All it takes is just one person to believe in you."


"Never underestimate the power of a few believers! Keep your heart and motives in the right place!. Consistency is the key."


"Don't wait for someone's funeral to express how much you care about them - give them their flowers while they can enjoy them."

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Key to the City


Jermaine Jones is a native of Irvington, NJ. Ten years ago, Jermaine found himself at his lowest point. Recently being laid off, bills piling up, fighting depression, and wondering why he should even go on – Jermaine decided to make a change. He promised himself and God that if he could fight through these challenges that he would never miss an opportunity to inspire others to make the best of every situation in which they may find themselves.

From the author:

"Sometimes all we need is an inspiration,"

- Jermaine Jones

Brilliance of "Why Jermaine"

Through life’s struggles – including childhood difficulties, being laid off after years of service at DHL, and fighting depression – Jermaine developed a passion for paying it forward. This passion led Jermaine to develop the non-profit organization Brothers Making a Difference of New Jersey in August of 2012. With a simple mission of helping just one person, Jermaine has exceeded even his own expectations and has impacted thousands of lives through his organization over the past eight years. Why Jermaine highlights some of the impactful encounters that Jermaine Jones has been blessed with over the last ten years.

People Are Loving Why Jermaine?

About His Journey

While working with the community, through Brothers Making a Difference of NJ, Jermaine honed his skills for motivational speaking. It quickly became evident that his message of hard work and dedication appealed to people from all walks of life, which led Jermaine to newfound territory in delivering corporate keynote addresses. To date, Jermaine has provided dynamic workshops and has been the keynote speaker for the likes of Wells Fargo, Eastern Standard Restaurants, Barclays Bank, National Amusements Inc., and Panera Bread, as well as numerous organizations throughout the tri-state area.

As my passion grew stronger, I realized that I possess a gift for human development.

- Jermaine


Through hard work, consistency, and dedication Jermaine was able to overcome his struggles and transform the way he approached life. Each day he wakes up and approaches life as if it were his first day on the job. He promises that he will be the hardest worker in the room, no matter where he finds himself.

This outlook on life has allowed Jermaine to found and grow a non-profit based in New Jersey, Brothers Making a Difference (BMAD). Jermaine founded BMAD in 2012 with the mission of changing just one person’s life. Through his dedication and passion BMAD has grown and impacted thousands of lives scattered across several states in the country. This journey of growth and wanting to make a difference has allowed Jermaine to meet people from all walks of life.


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